Zakat Appeal

Humraaz is an independent Charity providing refuge, specialist, confidential and multilingual support to Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women who have experienced domestic abuse. In recent years there has been a massive rise in the number of referrals for women without recourse to public funds.

The recent pandemic has also had an adverse impact, with the lack of services and lockdown implications for women and their children.

Women arrive at Humraaz having fled horrific abuse, leaving their homes and possessions behind, arriving usually in just the clothes they stand. This has a tremendous impact on the women and their children.

We ask that you donate your Zakat to Humraaz and by doing so, help support these women on their journey from abuse, uncertainty around their immigration status, lack of finance, lack of practical and emotional support to enabling them to have a secure future, free from abuse and harm and be able to offer their children some stability and comfort.

Your Zakat will be spent directly on the women, to be able to purchase food, clothing, toiletries and provide for their children and themselves. Your contribution will go a long way towards ensuring that women can lead as normal a life as possible whilst living in very difficult circumstances.

Thank you.