Our Vision

To be a leading BME support service through offering space, advocacy, campaigning and education

Our Mission

To offer an accessible, inclusive, sustainable and quality service for BME women of various backgrounds

Our Values

Respect – Respect is the start for many things. Respect shows those we work with, that we accept them for who they are and they can trust us. We respect our service users, colleagues, partners and all who connect or associate with Humraaz.

Empower – Empowering service users allows them to become an equal in navigating their own growth. We endeavour to also empower our staff and colleagues to allow progress personally and professionally.

Accountability – Being accountable will allow service users to have faith in us at Humraaz. It will help us to stay focused, proactive and provide the best service possible. At the same time we have to encourage service users to be accountable too for working towards a better future. As a team and organisation we take responsibility for the service we advocate for and take action as required.

Communication – Excellent communication is central to building good relationships with service users and finding out their needs enabling us to deliver a high-quality service. Excellent communication is paramount in our organisation both internally and externally ensuring we present and convey our messages truly and wholly.

Hope – Humraaz works with individuals and families who are feeling helpless. Having hope gives them a purpose, something to look forward to, motivating us to achieve better together and increasing their quality of life. Humraaz support its staff to be hopeful in their journey and as an organisation we aspire to excel.