Akifa, accessed Humraaz with her 3 children after suffering abuse at the hands of her husband and feeling isolated due to being African and in this country where she did not know her rights. After being supported by Humraaz for 7 months, Akifa felt strong enough to give her marriage another try, so decided to reconcile with her husband. Humraaz supported Akifa with the reconciliation.

Unfortunately, once Akifa moved out of the refuge and started residing with her husband, the pandemic emerged. Just as Akifa learnt about her rights, her husband learnt how professionals worked and took advantage of the Pandemic. Akifa’s husband started the abuse again where she was not allowed out of the house. He did not work and he kept a close eye on all her movements. Her phone was mirrored so he could monitor her messages and calls. There was no way of her contacting anyone during lockdown to disclose her abuse.

When the schools reopened and Akifa went to drop the children off at school, she contacted Humraaz and disclosed the extremes her husband had gone to, to ensure she was unable to inform anyone of her abuse. Staff from Humraaz met Akifa and planned her safe exit from her home at her convenience. A date was arranged to meet again one more time before she would flee the abuse. At this meeting, Akifa disclosed sexual assault. Humraaz’s trained staff supported Akifa and a refuge space was found for her children and her. 

Akifa and her children are now residing in a safe home.